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Hillary Clinton Looks Back in Anger

The net of food assets that the searching-and-collecting Ju/’hoansi use is, precisely as Scott argues for Neolithic human beings, a complicated one, with a huge variety of animal protein, together with porcupines, kudu, wildebeests, and elephants, and a hundred and twenty-5 safe to eat plant species, with specific seasonal cycles, ecological niches, and responses to weather fluctuations. Hunter-gatherers need no ...

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This turned into our adoption

Anatomically present day human beings have been round for roughly hundred thousand years. For maximum of that time, we lived as hunter-gatherers. Then, approximately twelve thousand years ago, got here what is typically agreed to be the definitive earlier than-and-after moment in our ascent to planetary dominance: the Neolithic Revolution. This turned into our adoption of, to apply Scott’s phrase, ...

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